Get online Reiki training to master this art


Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses palm healing. This is a way of Japanese alternative medicine that was developed in the 1920’s or it can be said that it was revived by the Japanese as the art is believed to have been present in Tibet from thousands of years. In Reiki a Reiki expert uses his/ her hands to heal a person. It is believed that a Reiki practitioner can make energy flow from one person to the other that speeds up the healing process. Reiki is believed to relieve a person of stress and suffering. More and more people are turning towards this art to enjoy its benefits. There is online Reiki training available that can transform you into a Reiki master.

Nowadays there are two main branches of Reiki- the western Reiki and the traditional Japanese Reiki. The western Reiki is the one practiced in the west and which is gaining a lot of popularity. But whichever branch it is when a person wants to learn it there are three degrees that have to be achieved to become a master.


  • The first degree; here the practitioner learns Reiki to heal himself/ herself and others.
  • The second degree; here the practitioner moves a step forward and he/ she is able to heal others from a distance by the use of specialized Reiki symbols.
  • The third degree also known as Master/ Teacher level; here the person learning Reiki is able to teach Reiki to others.

All the three degrees are now possible to be attained even while sitting at home with online Reiki training. It is a very comfortable and cost effective way of learning Reiki. Reiki lets you enjoy a healthy life and helps you feel happier.